How to raise animals ?

-Just put them down in front of a TV, it’s what mom did to raise me and I turned out just fine, just ask my PO. Also, food and water

Do traders respawn ?

-Yes.  Sometimes more than one.  So that is indeed two traders or guard captains that you may occasionally see — not just double vision from your hidden yet crippling alcoholism, you drunk.

How can I hire NPC’s ?

-Much like random women eating alone at coffee shops, NPCs enjoy being walked up to and offered money for services.  Have you tried offering an NPC Dukes?

How do I grow plants ?

-Plants, much like human babies, need water and sunlight to grow.  Babies, unlike plants, do not react well to being covered in manure.

What are the zombies buffs?

-Special abilities

  • Nurses/Doctors – regen to nearby zombies.
  • Footballers – Increase nearby zombie speed.
  • Cheerleaders – Increase nearby zombie jump height/distance.
  • Edgar/Fat guy – Increase nearby zombie damage.

Can i play an RWG?

-RWG is not currently supported in Darkness Falls, but safe BDSM is.  “Platypus” is the safe word.