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7 Days To Die Darkness Falls Servers

As a “Thank You” to our Patreon’s, we have added the ability to list your 7 Days To Die Darkness Falls Server here. This is one of the perks for our Tier 4 Patreon’s of the Darkness Falls Overhaul mod. All we need from you is the IP and Port number and a short description of your Server and community. If you are a Tier 4 Patreon and would like your Server listed here, don’t hesitate to contact Sloggoth on the Darkness Falls Discord. Please note the order is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the listing will only be here for as long as your Patreon is active.

The Hated Crew


Port: 26910

Server Description

The Hated Crew has been hosting 7 Days To Die for more than five years. We offer challenging but rewarding experiences with the most popular mods running on a powerful dedicated server. If you’re looking for a lightly modded vanilla with extra XP and loot, we probably aren’t the server for you. We welcome players of all races, sexes, religions, ethnicities, languages, and ages. You can get more information by joining our Discord or by visiting our website.

Salty Zombies



Server Description

Salty Zombies are probably one of the most popular 7 Days To Die Servers. They are the only group of people to host 7 Days To Die servers globally, US, EU and Asia. They also host a string of overhaul modded servers, Darkness Falls being one of them. If you are interested in trying out their 7 Days To Die Darkness Falls server, check out their website or join their Discord.

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