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“One of the coolest Overhaul Mods for 7 Days To Die” – Nams

Darkness Falls Mod is an overhaul mod for the popular post-zombie apocalyptic survival game 7 Days To Die. The mod was created by a British guy called Khaine, who had no prior experience in game development but simply started to tweak the game the way he liked. 5 years later, his tweaks have become the horror and madness we all know today as Darkness Falls Mod. Below are some quick links for everything Darkness Falls.

What is an overhaul mod?

There are only a few major overhaul mods for 7 Days To Die, and they are just that. A mod that overhauls the entire game. The basic vanilla structure is there, building a base, defending against the hordes, scavaging, looting, crafting and all the stuff we love about that game. But just with a hell of a lot more.

Each Overhaul mod is 7 Days To Die recreated through the eyes of the modder, and the founder and created of Darkness Falls Mod is Khaine.

Darkness Falls is not an easy mod. The primary intent is to drag out the early game, so it will take you longer than usual to get to Iron and Steel. In addition, several things you are used to being able to make now require classes or perks to being purchased, and night-time is not a fun time. The wasteland? Even less so.

Meet The Darkness Falls Mod Team




Khaine is the founder and creator of the epic Darkness Falls Mod. Khaine is not only the creator of Darkness Falls Mod but also Romero Mod. A new mod that takes out the horde nights every 7 days but adds in roaming hordes that can come out of nowhere and ruin your day pretty quickly. He also is a key member of the 7 Days To Die community. He has helped a lot of the other developers of overhaul mods. He mentioned once in an interview that none of the overhaul mod developers see each other as competition, and they tend to help each other out. And helping out is something Khaine has often been known to do.

He works from home as a cat butler and exists on coffee, nicotine, human suffering and the tears of people playing his mod. Becareful though, Khaine has no mouth filter nor a “kid-friendly” mode. You have been warned.




There’s not much to say about me. I help out when and where I can, but I am otherwise just here to break things and urge me towards making things tougher with each update.

Eric L


A tester who is very mysterious and powerful and whose mystery is exceeded only by his power.



Totally not responsible for spiders and human turds in DF. Stop blaming me. I bring WTF into the team. Notice that there is no WTF in Team… So that is where I come in.


MAP Maker

Darkness Falls chief map designer. After serving 10 years as a military analyst in the Iraq/Afghan wars, Krunch retired to a sleepy village in rural New England. He trains combat-ready attack Chihuahuas for the secret government ops. Krunch lists the film Phantasm and the horror stories of HP Lovecraft as his main influences for his maps. Krunch joined the DF team in A18.


Helping Code

Helping with code, especially during the earlier stages of DF. Also known to make POIs more fun and challenging. I make/made patches and a few small mods. Other than that, I tell people to get good xd


Content Creator


Dude that occasionally streams Darkness Falls and annoys Khaine with stupid questions. Also might be a zombie himself. Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/rizzomf



Joined in A17, he often asks Khaine stupid questions, scratches his ass, and posts annoying videos. He was tested for Fidelity and Plato Learning before “retiring” to test games. He also records sludge and weird rock as “sloggoth”. Learning Darkness Falls: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8D5Zwwex1jzeQoSXwk1PgA



I’m Chris, I play in a band as a hobby and love progressive rock and electronic. I joined the testing team during Alpha 18 but I’ve been playing DF since Alpha 16.



I am just doing my part to make TFP Cluster into a positive gaming experience. That and I like to shoot things a lot.



Gamer, hunter, lover and DEFINITELY married UP! So don’t try it, ladies. Started in A18

Favourite Weapon: Winchester

Favourite Piece of Flair: Bless this Mess

Recommended Darkness Falls Servers

Salty Zombies

IP: PORT: 29200

Salty Zombies run some of the most popular 7 Days To Die Servers in the world. Quite literally, they are the only group to host 7 Days To Die in multiple countries, like the UK, EU, USA and Asia. They also host all the overhaul mods, Darkness Falls is one of them and one of their favourites. If you are interested in trying out their Darkness Falls server, you can join their Gaming Discord as their overhauled modded server is password protected. Salty Zombies also host a variety of other games like a RUST PVE, Conan Exiles, Project Zomboid and Minecraft.

The Hated Crew

IP: PORT: 26910

The Hated Crew has been hosting 7 Days To Die for more than five years. We offer challenging but rewarding experiences with the most popular mods running on a powerful dedicated server. If you’re looking for a lightly modded vanilla with extra XP and loot, we probably aren’t the server for you. We welcome players of all races, sexes, religions, ethnicities, languages, and ages. You can get more information by joining our Discord or by visiting our website.

Wicked Ninja Games



Wicket Ninja Games hosts 2 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls servers, a standard one and one without horde nights but with Khaines roaming hordes mod. WNG An enhanced gameplay experience, removing the grind while maintaining a balance between progression and difficulty. Have fun, and make new friends. We take all player feedback on board and consult before new features, maps and game modes are released.  Join them in Discord. And like Salty Zombies, Wicked Ninja Games hosts a variety of other games, including Conan and Ark Survival.

Darkness Falls Mod Features

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